KNIL Veteran Paliama, UN Veteran Reawaruw, KNIL Veteran Ayal and PVV EUROPA chairman Marcel de Graaff.
Photographer: Edwin Hunter

PVV MEP Marcel de Graaf was in contact with Reawaruw a while ago, after which they came up with the idea for an exhibition on Moluccan KNIL veterans. With the exhibition they want international recognition for the fate of the Ambonese and their families, who came to the Netherlands after the independence of Indonesia in 1949. The Maluku4Maluku foundation also wants veteran status for former KNIL soldiers and financial compensation.

The exhibition is called ‘Our forgotten heroes’. Photographer Edwin Hunter has made a portrait of 15 Ambonese KNIL soldiers who fought for the Dutch government.


The photos can be seen in the European Parliament from 22 to 25 October 2018…/hoopregionale-en-nationale-maar-oo…/

KNIL veteran Boetje Tuasela(Waai-Ambon) passed away on 4th of octobre 2018…a last salute! Old Soldiers never die! #Veterans4Veterans #Maluku4Maluku Ora et Labora[0]=68.ARDmyr3WkIvNDnLFTXJvKu4XVsNdwKUjS48wIl3Gs1wUY7RCq9j7sTzxqW47FM6gxQwWngd4JuRUyYaSojh2aDsLXD_pIqR7qm53_X0PkqOG8k3FL1tym8mnl1ysripZiamIHSTrl2yniXjrXWAIoEtd1src8fjhhV4JitSirh5Nm2xRfAnVfg


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